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Aikido in Daily Life

posted Dec 26, 2018, 6:29 PM by Minnesota Ki Society   [ updated Dec 26, 2018, 6:29 PM ]
When we talk about Aikido as a martial art, it's easy to think of this as entirely "on the mat" practice, with the rare exciting exception of a real-life "take down the bad guy" scenario.

Yet my teachers and my experience demonstrate that Aikido is something far greater and more powerful.

I began training relatively recently, compared to many others in this art. Over just a few years, I have noticed radical, positive shifts in my daily life as a result of this training. And, the majority of those shifts occurred not from one intense practice on the mat, but from incorporation of these principles drop by drop into my daily life.

For instance:

  • When I slip on ice: Do I feel when I start to lose balance? Is my default to tense up, or to relax and move to regain my center?
  • When I am working at my desk: Do I frequently end the workday with a tension headache? Or, do I notice when I slump, and take a moment to feel my center and let my spine support my head? 
  • When I have a disagreement with my spouse, parent, or coworker: Do I fight to be heard and feel justified in my actions? Or, do I recognize that they are reacting to something they perceive? Can I respond with curiosity, naming the need I hear, and asking if I have heard them well?

All of this is Aikido. Mind leads body. And, a stable, relaxed body can support a stable, free mind.

Our new offering is based in this philosophy: Your life can be your training ground. 

  • We will teach the four basic principles that underpin aikido techniques. These principles are easily learned, whatever your fitness level. If you can walk up the stairs, you can participate.
  • We will offer clear, specific exercises that you can apply day to day between classes. As you practice the principles in your daily life, you'll begin to notice greater awareness and ease of movement.
  • And, we'll meet twice a week for four weeks. This enables you to reinforce the new practices in your mind and muscle memory and feel progress quickly. It's similar to learning a new language or motor skill: repetition helps.

Curious? This is your invitation to try something different in the new year. Join us for four weeks. Learn something that will benefit you for a lifetime.