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posted May 25, 2016, 2:23 PM by The Center for Mind-Body Oneness
Drop-In Meditation: Breathing, Part 1: Following the Breath
Ki Breathing is one of the five methods of training we practice in Ki Society. This month, we will begin our exploration of meditation on the breath and practice a foundation of Ki Breathing--following the breath. Our practice will begin with bringing awareness to our breath. As Soshu Tohei wrote in his book Ki Breathing, "Ki breathing does not require you to control you breath nor to stop your breath intentionally. You just breathe easily with a natural posture."

Drop-In Aikido: Kokyu Dosa
In Aikido, as in our daily life, we can develop the mistaken impression that we must use force to move others. But Aikido is not about forcing others to move--it is about securing the agreement of another so they follow us gladly. Kokyu Dosa is an exercirse to practice leading another while you are both seated in a very stable posture. The stable posture makes it very difficult to move your partner by force, and helps us to understand how to truly lead another.

Download Curtis Sensei's Ki Lecture on "Breathing as Living" here

Kaichou Tohei translated Soshu Tohei's book Ki Breathing in a series of 36 blog posts.
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