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posted Aug 23, 2018, 12:01 PM by Minnesota Ki Society   [ updated Aug 25, 2018, 4:32 PM ]
Whole Body Breatihing
Drop-In Meditation: 
Whole Body Breathing
There are two kinds of breathing. External respiration, the air moving in and out of our lungs; and internal respiration, the delivery of oxygen and removal of waste from our tissues. Healthy breathing is calm and deep, but sometimes stress and tension cause our breathing to become short and shallow. Whole Body Breathing, done with mind and body unified, supplies abundant oxygen to the cells, removes carbon dioxide and other waste matter, relaxes the body, and calms the mind. Practicing this technique builds a habit of healthy breathing that benefits us in every minute of our lives.

Drop-In Aikido: Feeling the Attack  or "Know Your Partner's Mind"
The second principle of Soshu Tohei's Five Principles to Lead Others is "Know Your Partner's Mind." When we relax and allow our mind to settle, we can see and feel the subtle cues our partner gives us, broadcasting their intentions and showing us the state of their mind. Learning to relax and observe in this way allows us to interact more smoothly with others--both in our Ki-Aikido techniques and in our daily life.

Know Your Partner's Mind
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