Kids Classes

Kids classes teach mind-body coordination and Ki-Aikido arts in a supportive, non-violent environment. Young students learn through their own direct experience the power of good posture, a positive attitude, using their mind clearly, and respecting other's views.

By cultivating good habits at an early age, Ki-Aikido and Ki Development give children a foundation they can rely on for a lifetime of positive growth. While childrens' bodies are growing, so are their minds. It is natural to develop the two together. In a physically active and cooperative learning environment, children learn the martial art Ki-Aikido. As they grow, they learn how to apply these lessons to all activities: school, play, sports, and relationships.

Kids classes teach children how to use their minds and bodies and how to confidently interact with others. We have lots of games and fun ways to learn Aikido and Ki. Basic body safety and exercises are introduced with an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. Children learn traditional Aikido etiquette and exercises. Our goal is to help them develop coordination, cooperation, and confidence. Above all, we strive to give children a positive and safe learning environment.

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