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    Ki Society Links

    Shinichi Tohei's Ki Weblog

    Articles by Ki Society President Shinichi Tohei Sensei on a wide range of topics related to our training.

    Eastern Ki Federation

    The Web site for our regional federation. Includes information about our art, EKF calendar, podcasts from Shaner Sensei, and links to all EKF dojos.

    Ki Society H.Q., Japan

    Other Ki Federation sites:

    Ki-Aikido USA
    Midland Ki Federation
    Hawaii Ki Federation
    Northwest Ki Federation

    Ki Society Chief Instructor Weblogs & Resource pages:

    David Shaner: Eastern Ki Federation
    Kashiwaya Sensei: Midland Ki Federation
    Curtis Sensei: Hawaii Ki Federation

    Twin Cities Area Aikido Dojos

    Aikido of Minnesota, Saint Paul
    Aikido Yoshinkan Minnesota, New Brighton
    Aikido Yoshokai of Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Enso Aikido Dojo, Burnsville
    Midwest Center for Movement, Hudson, WI
    One Circle Aikido, Minnetonka
    Shuharikan Yoshinkan Aikido, Saint Paul
    Twin Cities Aikido Center, Saint Paul
    Uptown Aikido, Minneapolis


    We send out a monthly e-newsletter full of information about classes, dojo events, and special opportunities.

    Archives of OHANA, the newsletter of the Eastern Ki Federation, and of the older Minnesota Ki Society Newsletter can be found here.


    At the bottom of this page, you will find the following documents attached:

    Eastern Ki Federation Structures and Guidelines
    This handbook outlines the operation of the EKF and member dojos, in accordance with Ki Society International policies. Instructors are accountable for the material in this manual and all members are encouraged to read it.

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