Traditional Program

Our traditional Ki-Aikido program is designed for students seeking deep personal transformation through long-term, dedicated training in Ki-Development and Ki-Aikido. Participation in this program requires an interview and orientation prior to joining. We welcome visiting Aikido practitioners from other dojos to train with us on a drop-in basis.

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido
Shinshin Toitsu Aikido is one of five Ki Society disciplines designed to help realize the oneness of mind and body. All Aikido techniques begin and end with the principle of non-dissension. We must be able to remain peaceful in our daily lives and in all situations. Shinshin Toitsu Aikido teaches non-dissension by releasing the idea of a conflict in our hearts as well as in the hearts of others.

If you physically struggle to throw a person, you are performing with a fighting mind. A fight is bound to result. But if you move a person's mind, their body will gladly follow. By leading their mind, you avoid conflict and collision. You lead them to a place where they already have chosen to go.

Ki Breathing
Breathing is something we all take for granted. Yet it is an experience we can not do without for more than a few minutes. To breathe properly is to breathe with mind and body unified.

Just as breathing is essential to sustaining life, it is also essential to developing our Ki and life power. Ki breathing exercises, as designed by Tohei Sensei, are a central part of training and represents another opportunity to directly experience and realize for yourself the oneness of mind and body as well as your original connection to the Ki of the Universe. You are already One with the Universe.

Even when tired, this method of breathing will quickly restore our energy. Ki breathing exercises are simple and can be performed in almost any situation.

Ki Meditation
Being calm in daily life can often be the difference between performing well and performing poorly. In extreme situations, it can even be the difference between life and death.

Tohei Sensei, in an effort to teach us the realization of mind and body oneness, has developed a method of Ki Meditation. This form of meditation focuses our mind to the one point in the lower abdomen. When the one point is infinitely condensed by half, mind and body are unified and true calmness is obtained.

In this state, are we able to effectively manage whatever complexities the world may offer us.

The name "kiatsu" refers to connecting with Ki. "Ryoho" means therapy. Therefore, Kiatsu Ryoho refers to a form of personal therapy based upon Ki "connection" through the unification of mind and body. In this way, the kiatsu "therapist" is enabling a connection with the healing power of the Ki of the Universe.

Tohei Sensei has developed Kiatsu as a way for us to realize the oneness of mind and body and the healing power that is naturally ours. Rather than focusing on "points", Kiatsu directs Ki through "lines" or meridians that run throughout the entire body. By connecting with another person through Ki, you fill their mind and body with plus energy, accelerating the healing process made possible by the Ki of the Universe

Sokushin no Gyo (Bell Misogi)
Sokushin no Gyo (bell meditation) is a form of meditation that involves an active body. These actions can be tiring and often test the endurance of both mind and body.
Tohei Sensei developed Sokushin no Gyo as a means to realize the oneness of mind and body while in an active physical state. Without mind and body unified, Sokushin no Gyo is difficult and even impossible to sustain. But when we realize the oneness of mind and body by relaxing completely, the Ki of the Universe naturally fill us up. Sokushin no Gyo strengthens our will and our conviction to give 100% in everything we do.